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Armor  Bearer Ministry

Armor Bearer Ministry - Margaret Sewell, Chief

The purpose of the armor bearer ministry is to help the Pastor complete the assignment she was given by God. An armor bearer has a special love for their leader and must believe their assignment is supporting our Pastor.

Deacon Ministry

Deacon Ministry -

The purpose of the deacon ministry is to aid the Pastor in making decisions concerning the church. They also will assist in the development of disciples for Christ by servitude and living a life that is biblically based. The deacons are responsible for caring for the physical and financial responsibilities of the church. The Deacon Ministries is divided into seven ministries.
First Response Ministry

First Response Ministry - Brandy Holeman, Contact Person

The purpose of the first response ministry is to provide support to church members in times of need. This ministry is a support group, that should be first on the scene in times of need.
Food Service Ministry

Food Service Ministry - Melinda Parks

The purpose and responsibility of the Food Service Ministry is to provide service and assistance to the church family during fellowship activities. Service includes planning of menus, preparation and set up of food and eating areas, and the coordination of the clean up staff after completion of meals or refreshments. Other duties include the purchase of kitchen supplies and utensils for use during gatherings.
Fulfillment Hour Ministry

Fulfillment Hour Ministry - Minister Trilby McClammy

The purpose of the Fulfillment Hour Ministry is to set the atmosphere for learning and gaining more information about the God we serve. This ministry involves teaching and equipping members for ministries that are the foundation for deepening spiritual awareness, and equipping students with the necessary moral and ethical values to know Christ, in order to be Christ-like in their development as disciples in the principals of Jesus Christ.
Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessory Prayer Ministry - Minister Warren Alston, Director

The purpose of the intercessory prayer group is to stand in the gap for others by taking their hopes, petitions, needs and dreams to God in prayer. As intercessors they are committed to daily prayer for the Pastor and her family, the church, community, city, state and nation.
Pastor's Care Ministry

Pastor's Care - Linda McNair

The purpose of Pastor's Care is to provide service to the Pastor, ensuring that she is fully equipped, prepared, and able to fulfill her responsibilities in leading the church. Members must be prepared to assist by caring for his/her leader's belongings, anticipating his/her leader's needs and demands so as to properly furnish and supply what is needed.
Prayer Line and Youth Department Ministry

Prayer Line and Youth Department Ministry - Minister Trilby McClammy

The purpose of the prayer line ministry is to intercede for those who submit a prayer request online. They are members of intercessory prayer group.

The purpose of the youth ministry is to lead youth to Christ and teach them to share their faith with others. This ministry will give children understanding of who God is in their life and help them grow into adulthood. This ministry focuses on development of principles of Christian living, self awareness, confidence, self-worth, relationships (home, school, and church) and communication.

Promotion Ministry

Promotion Ministry - Dominque Martin

The purpose of the Promotions Ministry is to communicate the message of truth to church members, the community and as an outreach to a lost and hungry world, through audio, video, photography, telecommunications, and printed publications.
Covenant Kingdom Women Ministry

Covenant Kingdom Women - Minister Selnatta Vereen

For women 36 & up. The purpose of Covenant Kingdom Women is to establish a community of women with like-precious faith with a focus on developing the total WOMAN � spirit, soul, and body.
Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry - Minister Warren Alston

Young Adult Ministry

Brother Square - Minister Jarred Major

This small group fellowship that meets once each month with the purpose of providing an outlet for young adult men to come together outside of the �traditional walls of the church� and have open dialogue about LIFE...the questions of life, struggles of life, purpose in life!!!
Sister Circle Ministry

Sister Circle - Carolyn Tillman

For women between the ages of 18-35. The purpose of Sister Circle is to create a movement that will strengthen and transform women in thechurch and community. Sister Circle equips women from all walks of life with the word of God; encourage each other to build lasting relationships through fellowship and empowers women to invest in each other's growth.
Sister Circle Ministry

Music Department - Min. Saiji Elder